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BLOOM™ is a manufacturer of flexible foams that are produced with algae biomass as the foundation of the foam formulations.


The use of algae biomass not only solves a pre-existing environmental problem, it reduces dependency on non-renewable oil.

Stock Foam Colors
BLOOM foam is offered in a multitude of densities. Custom colors can be manufactured upon request with appropriate minimum order volumes. All BLOOM foams contain anywhere between 15% and 60% algae biomass content depending on the formulation and application in mind. Please contact us for more details!

Applications Include:
- Shoes
- Sandals
- Yoga Mats
- Surf Traction
- Bath Toys
- Luggage
- Packaging

Performance Values:
What sets high quality foam apart from low quality foam is excellent compression set and consistent density among other values. Beneficially, BLOOM™ is a drop-in replacement for conventional synthetic and petroleum-derived foams with no loss to performance properties. Several key performance advantages of BLOOM™ are as follows:

- Cost effective
- Consistency from bun-to-bun
- Reliable supply with economies of scale

Responsible Commitment

Pollution Mitigation
Algae absorbs nutrients from water and air

Sustainable Products
BLOOM™ converts biomass into flexible foam

Recycled Content
BLOOM™ contains a large percentage of recycled content

Algent is a division of Algix (BLOOM’s sister company) specializing in algae biomass production for conversion into value added products. Algent has been focused on helping areas with algal bloom risks through our algae harvesting technology.

This comes in two forms environmental remediation, and aquacultural cooperation. In areas in which prolonged nutrient loading of waterways or hard to control water run off causes blooms the Algent model can be applied to provide a constant removal of algal biomass and nutrients providing more stable ecosystems and reduction to the risk of algal blooms.

The Algent model benefits to aquacultural operations are lower operating expenditures, more stable pond ecosystems, and an economic incentive for algae harvested providing more consistent farming


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