Layla Peonia Kegel Balls

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Kegel balls are a healthy way to take care of your body and to train your vaginal muscles without you even noticing it.


About the product

-Kegel balls made from hygienically superior medical grade silicone.
-Contains a lighter ball (about 29mm diameter) and heavier ball (about 24mm diameter).
-Total weight: 140 gram.
-Good for women with a normal – high cervix
-Recommended for women who want a bit more intense training (notice, you won’t feel anything)

How to Use

-Gently insert the Layla Peonia Kegel balls into your vagina. With the ball inside, your muscles will contract and release without you even realising – your muscles will respond to the movement of the kegel ball and begin to strengthen.


-Kegel balls are a healthy way to take care of your body – and they improve your sex and cup experience.

Responsible Commitment

Menstrual cups minimise personal waste contribution by a significant amount. They are a sustainable alternative that will make a huge difference to your eco-footprint. Minimising waste means reducing pollution and this has a positive effect on you and the world around you. Ruby Cups have a range of benefits that respect the environment and protect your body and lifestyle.

The cotton in tampons is often treated with pesticides, and the materials are bleached or perfumed. These chemicals can pollute the land and waterways where they end up, and are also unhealthy for your body.

Menstrual cups are worn, washed and reused – no daily disposal, no packaging and a much more positive impact on the environment. Switching from tampons or pads to menstrual cups also gives you some healthy body benefits.


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