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Don’t limit yourself. Open yourself up to a brand new experience. Cook, charge devices and store energy with one unit. There’s no going back.


Tegstove uses a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to produce an electrical current.

TEGs are two ceramic plates with the connection between the two plates made up of two different materials. They have a hot and a cold side. When a difference in temperature is applied between the two sides an electrical current is produced. The greater the temperature difference the more power it produces.

TEG technology is not new, but the ability to harness its power has never been fully utilised …until now.

Tegstove uses an innovative method to create an even greater temperature difference, resulting in more electrical energy production. This method produces a stable, constant and controlled source of warmth to the cylinder ensuring constant gas pressure is maintained.

Responsible Commitment

Tegstove uses widely available, cost-effective, clean-burning butane gas

Standard camping stoves will often use a mix of Butane, Propane and Isobutane to create a gas that works in cold climates. This is an unstable and expensive method.

Butane is better gas – it comes in lighter cylinders, it can be stored inside, it’s more cost-effective, less volatile and readily available.

But it gets cold fast and the pressure reduces.

Tegstove have taken this ‘problem’ and turned it into a benefit.

The cold produced by the cylinder is used to cool the cold side of the TEG plate – creating a greater difference in temperature between the hot and cold plates. The result? A strong controlled flame and stable production of electricity.


06/07/2015, 11:22 AM
Innovative product. Would love to buy one for myself!
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