LGM 2015 - Freight Farms


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The LGM is a complete farm-to-table system outfitted with vertical hydroponics, LED lighting, and intuitive climate controls.


Built entirely inside a 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ shipping container, freight farms are outfitted with all the tools needed for high-volume, consistent harvests. With innovative climate technology and growing equipment, the perfect environment is achievable 365 days a year, regardless of geographic location.

Designed to be easily implemented and operated, The LGM is a complete farming system delivered ready-to-use for immediate crop production. The modular and stackable design makes it easy to integrate into any operation and add farms to scale quickly. Every LGM comes equipped to handle every aspect of commercial production, from seed to harvest.

Designated system for germination and seedling growth. A custom-designed aluminum workstation with an integrated hydroponic setup for up to 2,500 plant sites.

Responsible Commitment

Here at Freight Farms, our mission is to create a more sustainable and connected food system.

The company was founded in 2010 by Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara to facilitate the development of products and services that would allow urban agriculture to become a more competitive industry in food production, and from this shared vision Freight Farms and the very first ‘Leafy Green Machine’ emerged.

Over the years, we have grown into a team of motivated individuals with diverse backgrounds, unified by a collective desire to challenge the status quo while simultaneously inspiring positive change in the food system. The team at Freight Farms are continuously focused on creating a better food system.


06/07/2015, 12:31 PM
This is a very innovative concept!
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